White Wing Mountain - snow shoe or ski

Jan 13 2013

glass creek meadowA yearly favorite, this moderate to slightly more than moderate outing is for experienced skiers and hardy snowshoers who are ready to cover some ground and get up into the newish Owens River Headwaters Wilderness. Conditions and desire permitting we will attempt White Wing Mountain but we'll be prepared to turn around so as to arrive back at the trailhead by 4pm or so. Skiers will need metal edged skis and climbing skins; everyone will need equipment and supplies to be out for a full day in any weather.

Logistics: Those travelling from the south can join the car pool/caravan by meeting at FOI world HQ at 7:30 am on Sunday the 13th of January. Otherwise please plan on being at the trailhead at the Highway 395/Obisidian Dome Road turn off at 8:30 am. Just contact us if you need better instructions on finding the meeting place.

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6 hardy souls joined us for a great tour into the Meadow. The temp was 2ยบ when we left the car...