Pauite Pass Trailhead Ski or Snow Shoe Tour

Jan 27 2013

North Fork Bishop CreekThis is a great opportunity to check out the winter goings-on of the north fork of Bishop Creek above North Lake. The tour begins innocently enough, by cruising up the hopefully snow covered road above Aspendell. We hook a right onto the North Lake road, and, conditions depending, should be leaving civilization behind a couple of hours out from the cars. Our aim from North Lake is dependant on the goals of the group - perhaps a tour up towards the trail head, and possibly a wander up to Grass Lake and environs.

Bring clothing for warm or cold, wet or dry, food and water for the day, and a backcountry touring ski set-up: randoneé or a tele set up is recommended, snowshoers are welcome as well. Serious storm or avalanche conditions will cancel the outting.

Meet at Friends of the Inyo office, 819 North Barlow in Bishop, or you can park out at Cerro Coso and we'll swing by there a bit after 8:15. Please call or e mail the office to sign up - it really helps us if you let us know you are planning on coming on the outing.

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